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Introducing Cafitesse, the safer coffee solution

Cafitesse is our revolutionary Closed Coffee System. The hygienic nature of the machine reduces the risk of contamination due to its ability to dispense hot beverages with minimal human interaction. Its revolutionary design guarantees that there is no direct human contact with the coffee or milk.

The coffee brewed at our Roastery conforms with the strictest hygiene standards including HACCP and EU directives.

Cafitesse is the right solution for right now. It can help many sectors provide a safe coffee solution for visitors, delegates, customers and colleagues in today’s challenging climate.

Cafitesse Excellence Compact Touch

  • Innovative touch Screen
  • 10-25 employees or guests
  • 7 standard variations
  • 6 sec/cup - 42 sec/1.5l pot
  • High capacity with quality coffee


Number of consumers10 – 25
Dispense time black coffee17 sec/cup (125ml) – 100 sec/pot (1L)
Dispense time cappuccino22 sec/cup (125ml)
Capacity per hour (230V)180 cups per hour (125ml)
Product content packs1 pack Cafitesse (1,25L)
- 1 pack Café Milc (0,75)
Size (HxWxD)562 x 390 x 410 mm
Weight (empty)22,0 kg
Electricity230 V – 2.2 kW
Water supplyFixed | Tank (3L)
CleaningOnce a week (coffee) – Twice a week(milk)

Are you ready to drink your coffee?

Cafitesse, more than great coffee

Cafitesse Blends Products

Cafitesse Medium Roast

A pure and balanced, medium-intense coffee, characterised by softly sweet nuances, this well-rounded, classic-tasting blend works well both with and without milk.

Cafe Milc

Café Milc is the keyto creating smooth, delicious cappuccino and any other milk based coffee drink. Made from 100% semi-skimmed milk, Café Milc delivers all-natural flavour that strongly enhances the Cafitesse drinking experience.

Our Solutions to every cup of coffee


  • 74% of health and care employees say coffee helps them relax at work
  • 71% think it’s important to adopt their own flavour or preferences
  • Needs to be a financially sustainable solution with low running costs
  • Needs to add value to the visitor experience, especially in private care
  • Ever important need to regard wellbeing, particularly for elderly residents with low sugar and low caffeine hydration solutions


  • 53% of people like to drink coffee-shop inspired drinks at work (Allegra World Coffee Portal, 2019)
  • Offering the choice enhances the experience, for visitors and colleagues
  • Offering recognised brands and making sure healthy alternatives are made available go a long way in enhancing employee wellbeing and value perceptions
  • 61% of employees like it when their employer contributes to sustainability (Allegra World Coffee Portal, 2019)
  • In a post pandemic world, hygienic-to-handle coffee has never been more important


  • Whether you are trying to improve guest satisfaction, or entice new visitors to your business, we have the right leisure coffee solutions to improve your hot drink offerings for your customers, ready to meet the demand of high footfall, often takeaway and often within short bursts of time, while keeping hygiene at the forefront.


  • Making a coffee is often the first thing guests do when they get to their room, it’s a critical part of their breakfast experience, and increasingly it’s an indulgent treat from the bar. This broad range of occasions can present significant challenges for both hotel coffee machines and baristas. Guests are demanding more and more from their coffee experience – it’s becoming increasingly difficult for hotels to balance the quality, quantity and variety needed to exceed their guests' expectations and generate good quality reviews and repeat visits.

No waste, no mess, safer and simple to use coffee solution