Cafitesse Excellence Touch


  • Stylish design with 10-inch touchscreen display
  • Wide selection of delicious coffee variations
  • Personalise your coffee or choose from preselected options
  • Effortlessly consistent, quality coffee at any time
  • High capacity
  • Easy to refill and minimal downtime when cleaning
  • A unique closed system for optimum hygiene
  • Smart energy consumption


Coffee Lungo | Espresso | Doppio | Cappuccino | Coffee
with milk | Espresso | Macchiato | Latte macchiato | Latt
Warm milk | Hot water | Pot of hot water | Pot of coffee
Tea | Decaf | Hot chocolate | Café Choco | Cold water
*By choosing optional drinks, other options can be removed.

A pure and balanced, medium-intense coffee, characterised by softly sweet nuances, this well-rounded, classic-tasting blend works well both with and without milk.

Café Milc is the keyto creating smooth, delicious cappuccino and any other milk based coffee drink. Made from 100% semi-skimmed milk, Café Milc delivers all-natural flavour that strongly enhances the Cafitesse drinking experience.

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