Escalators & Movingwalks


Sigma is a respected provider of escalators with an unmatched heritage. Sigma Commercial Escalators are well suited for today’s urban structures. New technological advancements have been applied to make escalator the world-best in design and safety. Advanced technology and aesthetic design makes Sigma escalators appealing while improved strength and safety features offer security to passengers.

Sigma escalators will continue to meet customer demands with higher goals than expected. With certificates to meet various standards around the world, we offer the best quality and safety.

Structure & Safety Device

  • Emergency Stop
  • Operational Brake
  • Motor Thermic Protection
  • Comb Plate Contact
  • Handrail Entry Safety Guard
  • Floorplate Safety Contact
  • Auxiliary Brake (Rise>6m)
  • Safety Grounding
  • Non-reversal Device
  • Step Broken Protection Device
  • Missing Step Monitoring Device
  • Broken Chain Protection Device

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With unique design and various design options from Sigma.


Sigma movingwalks keeps you on the move.

Inclined Movingwalks


  • Black stainless steel step(standard)
  • Environment-friendly aluminium step in natural color(standard)
  • Silver grey stainless steel step(optional)
  • Silver grey aluminium step with polished tread(optional)
  • Black aluminium step with polished tread(optional)
  • Step with yellow demarcation(optional)


  • Silver Grey Aluminium Type
  • Stainless Steel Type

Cover Plate

  • Standard - aluminium comb place in natural color and stainless steel active cover plate
  • Optional - cover plate with aluminium golden comb and diamond etching stainless steel aluminium with slipping prevention groove


  • Customers can select multiple colors and different materials to complement the envlronment
  • Powder coated cover plate or stainless steel cover plate, transparent safety-glass handrail, powder coated skirt panel or stainless steel skirt panel, single row of black plastic brush is optional

Horizontal Movingwalks

Exceptional Safety

Safety is built into every product through a steadfast dedication to innovation

Proven Reliabilty

Designed and tested to meet the most rigorous standards of reliability

Ecologically friendly

Reduced environmental impact of materials, lubrication and energy consumption

Quiet Operation

Designed for quiet operation with enhanced noise-reduction packages available

Smooth, Comfortable Ride

Precision engineering and standard installation methods ensures the smoothest ride possible

Elegant Styling

Sleek, contemporary design that complements the look of any space